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If you've got a bottle of wine, then you've got sangria...
Weddings, with their particularly high cost, can really smother the liquor budget. Keep it simple by going sangria style for your big day! It's as easy and cheap as going to Costco for the fruits and bottles of wine. They even have fun apothecary pitchers to serve from.
Now follow this fun info graphic, that clearly spells out how to make sangria for your wedding or next event! Do you see all the options? This is the most uncomplicated mixed beverage you can find, making it fool-proof. You can even have a few different flavors or change it up through the night. Up to you. Just have fun!
Confusing?! @daniachicago. you are funny :) I know you don't drink much. I really liked your previous card about the St. Patty's Day drinking. Can't remember it. Use the graphic to make it as little confusing as possible. :) Sangria is one of the easiest to make because you can make it with just about anything.
I know this is supposed to be easy, but to someone like me, who doesn't drink hardly ever, this might be a little confusing.
Kinda hard to mess up a sangria. Great summertime beverage