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Check out this awesome infographic that I discovered. It's got virtually identical ratios and ingredients, yet each of the nine drinks stand on their own.
When you're looking to save money but don't like the idea of a dry wedding, you've got to be clever with your booze. Instead of trying to stock every spirit known to man for an awesome whatever-you-want-we-got-it bar, consider choosing just a few signature drinks that have SIMILAR ingredients. By serving vodka-only beverages, you don't have to fuss over the other hard liquors.
If your color scheme is in the green family, you could easily get away with serving, say, five signature drinks, which gives the illusion of a fully stocked bar, your wedding guests will be thrilled! Swimming in the good vibes from all the alcohol, the big day could go down as one of the most epic days in the lives of your guests.
I'd like to do a taste test for all of these and rate them. Just to get a good idea of what to do and drink in the future.
Get drinking!! i love this. They are alike but different enough in prep or ingredients that I need to print this out
I can't believe just how similar these drinks are! Just goes to show that I don't drink that much