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Fashion blogger turned model turned pop singer, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is the ambassador of cute. She literally "lives and breathes kawaii culture and music." (x)
She wants all of her fans to have the courage to express themselves however they want to, since she was raised in a strict household where she was not allowed to dress or act a certain way. She would even change into different clothes after leaving her house to keep her style a secret from her parents (as she explains in this video)
All she wants is to not be bound by anyone else’s rules. "This is what I would like to say to listeners. If you are wearing clothes that you enjoy wearing, everything you do in life becomes fun."
She is not afraid to look, well, not cute hahaha
She wants life to be as fun as possible, and doesn't think that you should let anyone influence how much fun you get out of life.
If you want to wear a ridiculous outfit cause it makes you happy, do it! Be loud, proud, pretty, scary, silly, hungry, and bright. Be you.
I only know her from that ponponpon video but she's too cute not to love!
YES! I was actually an intern at Warner Music when they signed her to Sire and everyone was like 'Yes! We finally got her!" Hahahha she's the greatest :)
she is soooo cuttte :) <3
That second face!...Wow....