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Rebecca and Frans' wedding was nothing short of spectacular! As these MOD Wedding photos show, the London vibe was effortless delicate elegance. Muted pinks paint the event color scheme with pops of coral dotted throughout. But the real showstopper for this wedding is the gun metal infusion as seen on the bridesmaids and the printed materials.
Mixing gold, pink and ivory is a smart way to keep the color palette warm and neutral without pointing to a singular hue on the color wheel. It also prevents the wedding from being "pink" or "gold."
Brides, please take note. The bridesmaid dresses are absolutely killer! Smartly, the dresses are the same color and feature the same gun metal colored beading. I am GAGGING over how different these dresses are from each other. Strappy. Strapless. Over-the-shoulder. One-shoulder shawl. It's okay. You're allowed to veer from the homogeny of what bridesmaid dresses have been for decades!
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