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I recently went to visit some friends of mine in Fort Lauderdale and had such a blast! I hadn't been to Florida in FOREVER, so it was nice to get back for a super casual getaway. What I hadn't expected was the lush beauty of so many gardens on private properties that I noticed driving up and down Las Olas toward the beach.
The pictures here are reminiscent of what I experienced: bright white style, lush greens, and gorgeous blue skies--perfect for a wedding! Here is a real wedding that was published on Mod Wedding.
What are your thoughts on the white and green look? Crisp white and deep greens of grass and tropical foliage.
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Her dress is soooo pretty. <3 <3 the lace is gorgeous!
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Looks clean and beautiful.
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Ft. Lauderdale wasn't my first choice for a getaway, but I am glad I went. Having a wedding here would be ideal for those looking for a beachy tropical vibe
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