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In my previous card, which was Part 1, I talked about the luxe French influence of the decadent Marie Antoinette era for weddings. For Part 2, here, the emphasis is still the same, but with a dose of coronation blue mixed with the soft gold and pink. Look through these MOD California wedding pictures to get a sense of the style that best suits you.
Fabric upon fabric for the tables gives incredible depth. The matte and burnished gold articles throughout give the wedding design warmth. I can't take my eyes off the wedding cake!
That's not a taffeta wedding ball gown you see here. It's pure silk. You can almost reach out and touch the fabric and feel it crush in your hand. If you've not felt that before, that's the kind of luxury you're missing out on and being discussed here.
More layering of fabric with rich textures and stripes. Statuary, florals and a large-scale back drop can set the mood instantly and do double-duty as a picture-friendly vignette. In fact, every angle of your event should be picture-friendly. If it isn't, rethink it. Borrowing advice from fellow Vingler, @NixonWoman, work closely with your design professional to get the wedding you want and at a budget that is in line with your comfort level.
@NixonWoman has an entire collection of cards devoted to steering clear of wedding reception mistakes. You'll want to follow the collection to get a good idea of what both you and your wedding planner should avoid.
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I think that this is the first time I have seen a pink and gold wedding that uses blue the best. Showing my mom this because i think I could incorporate some of this into my Tiffany Blue themed wedding!!!! <3 <3