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Accused of using borrowed resources (that could not be repaid) to cover the walls of Petit Trianon in gold and diamonds, the opulence of Marie Antoinette is most often associated with luxury, pomp and flamboyance. Take a look at Part 1 of a two-part series of cards that look at ideas of how to turn your wedding into a luxe event worthy of Marie Antoinette references from your thrilled guests.
Mod Wedding first published these photos on their website that I had to share with you. Notice the heavy use of gold for more than just details. There is no limit on silk as well. The roses are garden variety. Decadent crystal chandeliers bring scale and warmth.
Once part two is created on Vingle, you will be able to follow that link here. Until then, with wedding budgets ballooning into the mid-30k range, do you think that you'd be able to pull off your wedding with elements like this? I welcome fellow Vingler, @NixonWoman to give some feedback on how to take these ideas and make them accessible to everyday brides.
That dress hanging in the window...yep...that is it! Gorgeous.
What are the roses in her bouquet? They are the most perfect looking roses I have seen!