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Found a brand new makeup artist here in Los Angeles and I am thrilled to be sharing her concepts and tutorials with you. Her name is Stephanie and you can follow her on Instagram here. She's self-taught, though you'd never know it. Her eyes are sick and will leave you gagging! (These are all good things people!)
Using Makeup Geek Cosmetics, Stephanie's look is absolutely amped up with "Poison" eyeliner instead of black. Wow! Who else is on board with this look? Brides, don't be afraid to take some of the makeup concepts that I share with you and incorporate them into your bridal look. This is your day!
I haven't experimented with colored liners like this. Great color palette for the eyes.
This is a very warm color. I wonder how it looks on cool complexions
It's a really clever way to keep your palette and nix the black, which could make it heavy