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Looks like it's going to be a hotter Spring than expected this year. Summer is going to feel a lot longer too. So what does this mean for fashion sense for men? Lucky for us, one of the trends from the runway is the return of the 70s. It's less patchouli and more homage. So don't get too consumed with the 70s peripherals.
Pick your poison; the six styles show the range of what contributed to the 70s style. Keep in mind, there's a decade of fashion, politics, entertainment, et al that's been edited down to the collage of looks.
I'll be the first to admit that the fashion of the 70s isn't my favorite era, but there are some pieces worth incorporating. I tend to go for brights. Since there's a significant void of color, you can always opt for prints and patterns. Solid monochromatic prints of the 60s were replaced with different shades of a single color.
What era of fashion most inspires your style aesthetic? Knowing can help me incorporate that into current trends.