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AHHHH! Here are three missing socks solutions that range from super cute like the title image above to the super practical as you'll see. Whichever method you choose, whether it's crafty or not, you won't ever have to wonder where your blasted socks went.
In the laundry room you can set up pieces of random wood slats that you can then paint by hand or use stencils to write cute messages such as, "Lost Socks Seeking Sole Mates." Attach some clothes pins and you've got functional adorableness in 3D! <3
The other method is to place your socks into mesh lingerie bags. Keep your lingerie separate from socks--never mix the two in the same bag. But don't overfill the bag with socks either. You want them clean, right?
Perfect for camping and for everyday life at the house, all you need is to attach one safety pin to both socks and toss in the washer. This is the method I think most guys would opt for. They don't care about crafts or anything super cute, in my opinion.
If you have your own cool methods of keeping socks together through the cleaning process, I would love to hear.
Be on the lookout for another card about taking old socks that have lost their partner and turning them into dryer balls!