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I've already expressed my excitement about Hillary Clinton official hoping to get the Democratic parties bid for the 2016 election, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop looking at the other democratic candidates. Who knows, I may be more in line with one of their ideals.
So far, there's just a few others who are competition for her for the Democratic bid.

Bernie Sanders

Age: 73
Previous Experience: Independent Senator in Vermont, ranking Democrat on the Budget Committee, Mayor of Burlington for 8 years
Something Else You Might Wanna Know:
- will run as a Democrat, though he has been ID'd as an independent. Vermont doesn't require him to register with a party.
- Record of progressive ideas: climate change, same-sex marriage, civil liberties, diplomacy abroad have all been big issues for him
- Favors a single-payer healthcare system
- Co-sponsored legislation in 2007 to cap carbon emissions.

Joe Biden

(not officially running yet, but its possible)
Age: 73
Previous Experience: Former Senator, current Vice President (8 years)
Other things to note:
- he lost his wife and one child to a car accident back when he first became a Senator and nearly resigned, and he also suffered a severe aneurysm in his brain that could have killed him, but he made it out, showing his resiliency
- people say that that Biden has taken the role of a devil’s advocate within the Obama administration, something that the President apparently values greatly
- incredibly strong foreign policy ideas
- 15th longest term as Senator
- lost the Democratic race to Obama in 2008, but was convinced to join Obama's team as VP candidate

Lincoln Chafee

(hasn't officially announced candidacy)
Age: 62
Previous Experience: Former U.S. Senator and Governor from Rhode Island
Stuff to know:
- has served political roles as Republican, Independent, and Democrat
- his views are hard to label as strictly Democrat, making him a difficult candidate in most people's eyes
- tendency to alienate both sides of the aisle contributed heavily to his decision not to seek a second term as Governor of Rhode Island
- was a professional horse shoerer for 7 years (I just think this is interesting, lol, not that important)

Jim Webb

Age: 69
Previous Experience: veteran, author, former Senator from Virginia and bi-partisan lawmaker
What else?:
- a true believer in bi-partisan politics
- served under Republican President Ronald Reagan as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs and the Secretary of the Navy
- served as a Democratic Senator from Virginia from 2007 until 2013
- left the Senate because he couldn't deal with the gridlock anymore and felt that there needed to be real change to actually lead to something useful
- has talked about criminal justice reform and repositioning America’s foreign policy

Martin O'Malley

(hasn't officially announced candidacy)
Age: 52
Previous Experience: Former Governor of Maryland, former frontman of Irish fusion band O'Malley's March
- Recently cut his Ireland trip short to come to Baltimore to see the protesting and rioting and see if there is anything he can do
- plays guitar and sings
- his biggest benefit to the total campaign might be to provide a more left view than Clinton, which will lead to more criticism of her and an overall more interesting race. Also, it might force her hand to be a little more progressive

Hillary Clinton:

(including Hillary because it hardly seems right to skip her on this list up)
Age: 67
Previous Experience: Former Secretary of State, Senator, wife of President Bill Clinton
And her views?:
- see her announcement here
- In my opinion, she has the strongest chance of getting the Democratic bid
- raised Republican but changed to Democrat once she was able to form her own opinion as she went through Yale and moved forward
- recently changed her campaign logo in an attempt to show her support of same-sex marriage
- Says she'll focus on these four things (as of her Iowa appearances): 1. Building an economy where being middle class "means something again" 2. Strengthening families and communities 3. Getting the money out of politics 4. Protecting the country/ national security
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