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I am the kind of person that always expects things I see in movies or read in books to happen in real life. I'm still expecting to find another world in my closet one day, or to be swept off on some wild adventure at any second.
For some reason, Spirited Away really got to me and I always am ready for an adventure like Chihiro's. Seriously, any time I cross a small stream or I'm traveling with both of my parents, I assume that something weird will happen to me. So far that hasn't happened, but I'm still ready.
That being said, I constantly think about who I would choose to have as my trusty companion/sidekick during my adventures. Spirited Away has some of my favorite minor characters of any Miyazaki film, so its hard for me to choose.
Who would you want as your sidekick?

Soot Sprites

Sure they're annoying at first, but they're actually super helpful if you can get them to focus (candy helps) They're willing to do pretty much anything for some sugar!

Bo The Rat Baby

Another slightly annoying sidekick, but he comes in handy! He is charming and innocent and he sees the world in a way you might not. He figures out little pieces of the puzzle and helps you with your adventure, plus he's adorable!


A slightly creepy friend that likes to buy you snacks and just sort of be around you. Not much of a talker until he gets really hungry. If necessary, he can get really angry and eat your enemies.


She's tough and will get on your case. She wants you to be responsible and doesn't want anyone to walk all over you. It's tough love, but it really is love. She just wants the best for you. Needless to say, she'll get shit done.


Any time you feel like you just need to relax and chat, Zeniba is there. You guys can knit, eat cake, drink tea, and just chill out. Her door is always open. Plus she can do some pretty cool magic when you need her to.


Okay so he can be a little crabby, but he's always got your back! He is willing to risk his job to help you out and will keep an eye on you to make sure you're safe. Also he has 8 arms! I don't know how that will help you but its pretty damn cool!
One of my favourite anime
One of my friends went to a cosplay convention one time as No-Face and I had no idea who he's dress as until I red this article lol this anime looks like fun to watch!
i will go with lin but i surely love spirited away soooo much and all of these awesome sidekicks :) <3 :D
Definitely No Face!
no face