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Airens, but you know…(smiles) Nice to meet you, I’m Lee Seung Gi. (laughs) Because I feel that I’m greeting you after a long time, I feel very sorry yet happy. I’m currently in the recording studio and the various wavelengths in the back are songs that will be in my next, coming soon album. (Presses a button and a chord plays) I’ll only let you hear up to this point. Uhmm….for starters, I’m in the middle of working hard and more than any other album, I’m really working on it diligently. Personally, I think a highly satisfying album will be produced. So, really, more than any other time, because I think it’ll become an album that fans will want to have, please wait a little bit. Being greedy about this and that has postponed time…If you wait a little bit, I will come back with a new album in May or early June. Thank you for waiting during all this time. In this album, truly, starting from the music, lyrics, atmosphere, even the concept, there isn’t an area that my sweat hasn’t gone into. I trust that everyone will like it. I will gather up all my strength until the end and repay you with an awesome album. Airens, thank you and let’s meet soon! (Waves goodbye)
Korean to English translation by Elise Min, Lee Seung Gi Forever