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If you do any kind of laundry, and I hope that you do, then you should have a small collection of single socks without its pair. In a previous card, which you can read here, I wrote about how the ubiquitous sock problem could be solved ONCE AND FOR ALL.
But what do you do about the random socks you have laying around?
1. Cut the long cuff part of the sock.
2. Turn the cuff inside out (the right side in) and sew the cut end. Then, turn it right side out again.
3. Fill the cuff-pouch with 50/50 mixture of lavender and flax seed (for weight). Be careful to leave about 1/2″ seam allowance so that you can sew them together at this point.
Lavender, which is the fragrance portion of the dryer ball, can be replaced with other fragrant dried flowers if you so choose. The amount of flax seeds, which is used mostly for weight, can be reduced for less weight (and more fragrance), or increased.
Now, if you have more socks than you have need for dryer balls, I would like to suggest checking out this card, where I wrote about using socks for a dog toy you can make in 15 SECONDS!