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I can't think of anything more frustrating than that feeling of putting on a brand new pair of white socks, knowing that the color and brightness would never look this good again. Ugh!
Then I discovered an old 2009 article that shows how to take well worn and not-so-white socks and get them to shine bright and white all over again without the use of toxic bleach.
Except, that article and many, many more didn't seem to give any real good concrete methods for achieving white socks. I couldn't find one diy on the web.
If, like me, you too can't find a good method, then simply do what I am going to do:
1. Buy new socks that are not white. (end of problem*)
2. Upcycle the not-so-white socks in other diy projects.
And may I suggest:
* If you MUST have white socks, head to a Costco and buy a 100-pack for $16. End of story.
Yeah, exactly. The effort to "try" a recipe to get white socks white again is too much. Easier to get to Wal-mart and buy a 100 pairs.
Sooo....I should just buy new socks? lol. There's gotta be a way!!!