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We all know that I'm all about the difference between books and movies when adaptations occur (I mean, I have a whole collection devoted to this...) so every time I hear that a book I've read is being adapted to be a movie I get a little nervous.
What will they change?
What if I hate it?
Why can't it be perfect?!
But then I realize I'm being unreasonable. After all, one of my favorite movies in my teens (How to Deal) was a movie I watched and loved before I even put together that it was a MASHUP of TWO DIFFERENT books by my then favorite author (I know, how didn't I realize?!) Anyways, my point is that movie adaptations are different and that can be wonderful.
John Green, author of Paper Towns, things so, too! The video above is him talking about the upcoming Paper Towns movie (yay!!!) and if its the same or not. The answer is, well, there are changes (duh!) but that we should be ok with them. And if you haven't seen the trailer, well, check that out, too. @madeline posted a card about it!
Right on, John! DFTBA, everyone.
(Also, does anyone but John ENJOY novelizations?! Like I enjoy movie adaptations, but it usually doesn't work well in reverse for me. But maybe I'm just strange.)
@amog32 That's true, there's a spinoff of pride and prejudice (austenland) that makes me fall for the wrong guy!
@timeturnerjones That's true, but sometimes the choice to make changes is done very intentionally, and also because people expect changes to not happen.
@amog32 True, but I think it's reasonable to expect some level of the book being like the movie (and vice versa) rather than a ton of liberties being taken with the story.
It's silly to think any adaptation can ever be "perfect." We all imagine a different book as we read, so how could it happen?