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Carly Rae Jepsen was seen sporting a bolo tie at the City Year Los Angeles Spring Break event recently, which has many speculating that the Call Me Maybe singer is leaning in the same direction as No Doubt age-defying beauty, Gwen Stefani, who's making headlines in the fashion department--not music.
Looking striking in boy chopped hair, and a country-rock jacket and blouse, Jepsen wowed in a turquoise bolo tie, which was popular...when? Whether or not it took effort to put that look together, she may be revving up to follow the ranks of other musicians-cum-fashion designers. Jessica Simpson comes to mind.
With media loving the turn in fashion, Jepsen may have a hot new lucrative career, which couldn't be so bad. The Olsen twins have built their mogul status in fashion--not Full House royalties.
Pop Sugar seems to think it was a hit. I wasn't so sure myself. I like turquoise, but bolo? Um...
lol I used to have a male co-worker that wore bolo ties to work every day. He even had one of those heavily waxed handlebar mustaches. He was all-around class really.
Bolo ties though?! Really?!
Shes got a cute look to her.