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Rania was definitely a group with a ton of potential. Why is it that we haven't heard from them in almost two years? Why are they down to just three members? Can the ever make a comeback?
My theory is that their debut single "Dr. Feelgood" was just too shocking for Kpop fans from both South Korea and abroad. What do you think?
This is your vlog?! You're so articulate!! I love this. And "My diamond ring, so bling bling" is my favorite part of 'Ice Cream' hahaha. It's just so random and funny.
Thank you guys for watching!!
I love that you so clearly know what you're talking about. I feel like I just took a mini Kpop class :3 I miss Rania too! I admit I was totally shocked by Dr Feel Good when it came out but it was mainly because it was so out of the ordinary for Kpop at the time. Looking forward to more of these vlogs omg!
Yay you found us :D Welcome to Vingle!!!! If you have any questions or anything like that please feel free to ask me or one of the other K-Pop community staff members :)
I think the problem is when groups do something super sexy for their very fist single, like you mentioned theyre sort of labeled as 'the sexy ones' from day one. 4Minute started as a more dance-pop group and edged towards sexy until Hyuna was established enough to go into that style. Same with Girls Day, and even EXID! Dal Shabet, Kara, Sistar, all of them! Its a shame cause Rania is pretty great, I wonder if it would have been different for them if they went with a tamer debut track...
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