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I first discovered French Macarons in 2010 when I was strolling through a farmer's market in Studio City and was OVERWHELMED! Fabulous colors that span brights to pastels. Dozens of flavors. Just as many fillings. Delicate textures. Subtle dance between sweet and savory. Adorn your stunning dessert table with just-as-stunning French Macarons.
The two images in this block are from a christening. Look how gorgeous that gentle tower looks on that sheer pink glass cake pedestal. Notice the pink roses at the base and the nature by which the macarons are situated on the cone--sideways!
Look how DAZZLING this sombre tower of macarons looks. A stable white and short cake pedestal reinforces the sheer quantity of those sumptuous pastry cookies. If you are not too sure what I mean by sombre, a fellow Vingler, @daniachicago wrote a terrific wedding cake card on the subject that you can read here. The colors on this macaron tower starts with a deep maroon/fuchsia and gradually shifts to coral, to orange, to sherbet, to rose, to cream.
You can't see me writing this, but I am visibly SHAKING! I found this image through Google and froze! Dramatic much? (Maybe.) But this white fondant cake rests on a square platform cake pedestal. That, in itself, is AMAZING!

But LOOOOOOOOK at the unity, combination and juxtaposition of merging the rolled
fondant with flat-face macarons. I AM GAGGING! (Let's just take a pause and stare.)

Did you see the rose topper that's made of sugar?!
Maybe you are turned off by the height of macaron towers...that's fine. So before I lose my mind COMPLETELY, I have to encourage you to consider turning French Macarons into gorgeous pops! Pictured are four raspberry and dark chocolate ganache filled macarons on a stick with a tied bow. You cannot say no to this idea!

Millions more ideas on French Macarons. Too many to fill this card with. If you have a cool idea that you'd like to share--with me or the Weddings Community--then let your voice be heard. :)

While I like these ideas and the macarons are tasty, I find them to be really expensive. Maybe not worth it from the cost. Unless you make them yourself. But they are expensive up here.
These are beautiful displays. The Sombre effect is in vogue nowadays.
UV ghh7
What's Vosge Chocolate? Sounds interesting.
I have had these. Was thinking about Vosge Chocolate too, which is pricey but so good.
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