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One of the best, if not the best event and social gurus in the world, Colin Cowie, is seen in this photo giving his producer's wedding reception tablescape the final look-over before the party begins.
If you don't know who Colin Cowie is, then you have Google at your finger tips and just a click away. Do some purchasing and do your homework!
You'll notice that gray and pink work really well together for color design. The chairs are Napoleon style and appear to either be silver or white. These can also be customized with Pantone color or you can get them in clear acrylic.
The queen's table shows decadent low-lying florals: peonies, ranunculas, roses, hydrangeas...among other flowers I can't quite make out. If you're going to introduce candelabras, then make sure the candles are lighted and absent of flowers unless the candelabras are raised at least 24-28 inches from the table to avoid sight impediment.
I can't urge you enough to really look at Cowie's work. He's written several books and offers the best advice, which is 99% common sense. You can't go wrong with an expert like him to help you make your dream wedding come into reality.
This guy seems to be a pro at everything. Even regular non wedding get togethers.
I remember asking you about this guy. I looked him up and he has so many beautiful pictures.
Grayish lavender candles like seen here. Two thumbs up.