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This 7 foot 8 inches tall guy got married to his true love, who just happens to be only 5 foot tall. Now, call me totally insensitive, but I thought this was super cute....until I saw the pictures!
I mean, if it works for them and they're totally in love then great! I'm happy for them! But I just can't see myself being comfortable with someone that much taller than me!!! It seems that he's like....nearly 3 feet taller than her, and that's totally crazy!! You can read more about them here if you want, but I'm not like unconvinced about their love, its just...totally crazy to me!
Am I being completely rude here? I'm happy for them, but I don't think I could do it!!
I don't think it matters at all!! I'm sure others might find it shocking at first but you always find a way to make it work :)
my hubby of 26 years is 6'2" and I am 5'1". Not a problem.
No height doesn't matter if love being there
My girlfriend is so worry heading into our relationship (since it's still really new) about our height difference. She's 5'0''. I'm 6'2''. I'm like "I don't car I think it makes you ever cuter" and she's still not convinced. Don't know what I'm gonna need to do to convince her but honestly in terms of a relationship, height should never matter. At least in my opinion it shouldn't.