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When making the cards I've made lately of some awesome battle armor cosplays and what not, I've noticed that the photos I've loved best are those not just taken in a con, but at a cool location (or, at the very least, outside in natural lighting!)
These photos are all from an amazing photographer who makes sure to take his photos with an AWESOME background in mind! Scroll through them; you won't be disappointed.
Does the location make the photo? I think so.
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I say no, I'm always more impressed by the costumes detailing, as long as it's well caputred!
@Spudsy2061 @amog32 I agree! It should look good most of the time, but I don't think the location is ahuge deal at cons either as long as it looks clean :)
I have to say the location makes a big difference but it doesn't have to be as big as this--if you're planning a photoshoot at a con, though, you should make sure to plan somewhere that looks nice and has good lighting, don't just do it in the middle of a crowd. For a quick snap I can get that though
Yes and no, but in more ways yes than no. Like, at a con location isn't too big a deal, because I mean it's a con but for professional shoots yes location matters, scenery matters. No professional photographer is taking photos in a living room of cosplays.