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Super Cute Disney Battle Armor Group!
Ok, so I don't know who all these cosplayers are (if you know any of their names please let me know so I can update) but I am in Love with this group! All such great takes on characters I love. I think my fave might be Cinderella--check that tutu with the battle armor!!
Snow White: Andy Rae Cosplay
Jasmine: Gladzy Kei
Megara: Megan
Cinderella: Pompay Cosplay
Photos by: The Will Box
Seems like they all had a ton of fun in these cosplays :) Jealous!!! I want a crew like this!
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Megara totally suits the armor look the best! (As in the character, not necessarily the girls here lol, Snow White looks awesome too!)
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@timeturnerjones Agreed!!! Her attitude is spot on to a warrior princess~
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