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Guys. I have found the ultimate cosplay accessory. Are you ready for this?

It's a horse!!!

Ok, so quite obviously this isn't for everyone, but if you're an experienced horse rider (? equestrian?), then why not make use of that?
This cosplayer (Wander) has been riding for 10 years so she makes a perfect Wander on her horse Argo aka Cassiopeia! (These are all from Shadow of Colossus, if you didn't know XD)
Anyways, can anyone here ride?? There's gotta be more cosplays that would be 10000% better with a horse!
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Is this cheating? I feel like this is cheating XD of COURSE the horse makes the cosplay cooler!!!
I don't think so @timeturnerjones I think it's pretty awesome XD
@timeturnerjones If you put this together would your horse and everything, would you want someone else to call it cheating? Didn't think so.