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There's a kind of dancing cosplay group out there that I didn't know about before today (gasp!!) and that's actually a problem. I'm part of a dance group myself that likes to meet up and dance with others at anime conventions (shameless plug for @dansutopansu), and I take pride in knowing what other dance groups exist to meet up with and what not!
But this one -- Noise Complain -- was totally unknown to me until today! I think their performance speaks for itself, but to sum it up they put together some cool, basic cosplays for some characters and then choreograph tap routines to fit! How cool is that?!
When you've got multiple hobbies (like dance and cosplay) it's simply awesome to be able to combine them (dance covers in cosplay are so fun!), so I'm really psyched for this group.
Anyways, here's two of my fave of their videos! You can see more on their channel.
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This is so fun!!! Like you said it's pretty cool they're doing two things they love. I wonder if they make their own costumes, too. Then it'd be a triple wammy