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What's the worst thing about love?
This video, created for the School of Life series spear-headed by Alain de Botton, is a bit darker than the others, but so resolutely carries an idea that Botton himself wrote:
"You will never find the right person. Such a creature does not exist. You are irredeemably alone. You will not be understood. The moments in love were an illusion. There is something wrong with you. And with everyone else. The idea of love distracts us from an existential loneliness. Now let’s not pretend we don’t know about any of this."
I'm not one to simply give in to Pop Philosophy or even Botton's ideas (I may enjoy his writing, but I don't agree with it all), so I'm curious: Is this the darkest truth about love? Is it a truth at all?
I like to think of love and being alone as much, much happier than this...
This is like SO sad hahaha!! How can we just forget that? I'm not sure I agree, though. I mean, it doesn't make sense that we're supposed to be lonely. We as people would have never survived history if people had stayed alone.