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Song Ji Hyo shared that there are times she gets the cold shoulder on ‘Running Man.’ On the November 27th episode of SBS’ ‘Strong Heart‘, Song Ji Hyo discussed “the sadness of getting the cold shoulder on ‘Running Man‘.” Song Ji Hyo, who is known to be very easy going, currently stars as the only fixed female cast member on the variety program. However, ‘Blank Stare Ji Hyo’ gets a bit depressed when female guests appear on the show. She stated, “I feel that our ‘Running Man’ cast is like one big family. So now when a female guest appears on the show, I just naturally get the cold shoulder.” She continued, “But even so, I do not get jealous. Instead I feel that I should protect the female guest. It is because it takes time for them to get comfortable when they first appear,” displaying her considerate nature.
@toonie She really does go all out, well, except when it's obvious they want the guest to win. (>_<) I get irritated with those kinds of episodes. Yes, I did know. I'm the one who had it created. :)
@YinofYang yup i'm Ace fan!!she goes all the way out to play despite being the only female..you know what i mean?haha vingle has a party for her, did you know?http://www.vingle.net/Song-Ji-Hyo
@toonie What?! You're an Ace fan? That's so awesome!!! ヽ( ^^)人(^^ )ノ When I first joined Vingle, I was so surprised they didn't have a party for her and there didn't seem to be too many people familiar with her. I love her too! I always root for her to win.
i love ace jihyo!!she is still the best even if there are other female guests!
@YinofYang : it's ok
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