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OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!! It's way different than anything they've ever done before. It's.... I can't even put into words... I'm actually speechless guys! WOW AMAZING!! Guys what do you think??!!!
remember to watch from bighits channel so bangtan can get the views!!!!
spread the word armys!trying to get the YouTube views up there !
It seems like, not everyone, but lots of korean artists are dropping the traditional dancing on a set MV style?? There are much more diverse MVs and I love that!! I love the dancing but these give a more personalized touch :)
Everything makes sense once you watch MV's multiple times. But even more so when you look at the comments x)
I like it, the song had a nice slow rhythm. Though I didn't really connect the whole idea of them laughing and being together to the lyrics. I still like the song though
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