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#ShedTheMonster With a Bike Ride
People For Bikes created an incredible campaign that encourages people to pick up cycling in order to improve their mood and their lives.
At People For Bikes, they believe in the power of a bike ride to turn your day around. "The next time you are having a bad day—or even an average day—hop on a bike and improve your mood,” they suggest. "Ride a bike. Shed the monster." Whether you’re out of almond milk and your garden hose is tangled up (like in the PSA for this campaign) or you had a rough day at the office, a bike ride is a surefire way to improve your day—even when you only have time for a spin around the block.
Luckily I dont think I ever get to Monster zone but I definitely use exercise when I'm cranky haha
This is definitely how I feel after any kind of exercise!
I completely agree with this video. When I go for a ride, all the stress from work just turns into cadence. My mood is always better when I get to ride.
A bike ride or walk is so much better than any Snickers bar hahaha