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So it looks like a third member might be in the process of nullifying his contract with SM Entertainment and leaving EXO. Tao (the flippy one, in my mind), has sustained several injuries over the years as a result of performing with the group, and his father has had enough. On April 22, Tao’s father released a statement via Chinese social media saying that he wanted to pull his son from the group and get him the medical treatment that he apparently needs.I’ve already said a lot about SM Entertainment in my previous posts, so I won’t repeat myself here. Instead I’ll say that with all of the drama going on, both fans and members of EXO have to pay the price in the end. What if Lay (the only remaining Chinese member) follows Tao out of the group? What if Chanyeol or someone else leaves next? And ultimately, what if so many members leave the group that SM gives EXO the axe? The result would be a lot of disappointed fans and several idols without a job. Obviously, I’m just speculating here. Since no official statement has been released yet, it’s possible that Tao may stick it out after all. Personally, I hope that SM and Tao’s camp can come to some sort of compromise. EXO has had enough controversy over the past six months; they certainly don’t need anymore.
I'm really interested in what Lay is going to do. He has been really vocal about how he needs to stay to protect the reputation of Chinese people (because he fears SM will stop working with Chinese members because of Kris/Tao/Hangeng/Luhan) so I have no idea what he's going to do!
The flippy one, lol! I side with the members too, this is clearly not just a one member problem if SM has already have 6+ artists leaving the company because of contract issues.