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ZE:A‘s Siwan left a message for a mysterious ‘JH‘ on his twitter, piquing the curiosity of his fans. On November 29th, Siwan tweeted, “When I see you, why is my heart like this again… JH,” which quickly received attention from his fans, who speculated whether Siwan may be dating someone with the initials of JH. However, it’s been reported that the phrase is actually a part of the lyrics from ZE:A’s upcoming ballad. Learning this, some suggested that ‘JH’ may represent the CEO of ZE:A’s agency, Shin Joo Hak, while others believed that JH may be a special someone mentioned in the lyrics. It seems the first group of fans was right as Siwan just recently confirmed on his Twitter: “Were you really surprised? ‘When I see you, why is my heart like this again…JH’ are the lyrics for ZE:A’s new song! And JH is CEO Shin Joo Hak! I just wanted to give our CEO, who is giving us an opportunity to release a new album so fast, my words of thanks.” He then hilariously added, “Please move us to a dorm where we can keep our backs warm.. JH,” sending a not-so-subtle hint to the Star Empire CEO.