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In a turn from the typical sweet table design that feature a smorgasbord of treats and sweets, this design is all cake. When you are going to create a small scale sweet table, don't be afraid to steer from hotel tables and linens.
The swag of orchids and roses cascading from the open middle drawer is pure fantasy. Since the wall and the table are all white--and the florals too--the naked cakes pop. Adding more dimension, there are two tall cakes iced in white buttercream--one on each side.
Beaded glass cake pedestals add glimmer without adding visual bulk to the small table. What's your dream design for a sweet table? Whatever it may be, don't forget about important things like serving dishes and cutlery--even if it's off to the side.
Look how fluffy the icing is between those cake layers. wow
I am such a fan of the buttercream cake. What is the name of that icing pattern? I love that.
Those cute lil naked cakes. LUV
My only comment is that the table appears to be too small when it comes to proportions. But still a beautiful overall concept