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When I saw another Vingler's, Claire Pettibone runway collection, I was immediately brought back to the age of romance and innocence. I thought about flowers in the hair and then started to look up ways to put a floral crown together.
Whether it's for your wedding or a baby's christening, or whatever, putting together a floral crown will take your most Spring cotton outfit to the next level. Coachella is over. Don't wait till next year to do this cute idea.
(5) “Juliet” Garden Roses
(3-4) Berzillia Berries stems
(1) Jasmine stem
(10) Ranunculus
(2) Rice Flower stems
4′ 3/8″ Frech Double Satin Ribbon
Green Florist tape
16 gauge straight wire
Ribbon Shears
Bonsai Shears
1. Cut all of the flower stems to 2-3″ in length.
2. Wire and tape large blooms (the roses and ranunculus) individually, keeping them sturdy.
3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 4′ long because it needs to be long enough to wrap around, tie back and drape.
4. Take a piece of 16″ gauge wire and use floral tape to attach it to the ribbon about a foot from the end. The wire keeps the crown shape and adds an element of stability to heavy flowers..
5. Adding the flowers is easy! Start by using greens or berries that extend past the end hiding the mechanics.
6. Alternate the flowers and greens in an appealing way, keeping everything low and tight.
7. About three inches before the end of where you want the flowers to end it’s time to flip the product the opposite direction and tape it that way so both ends look finished.
Pretty simple. And beautiful.
It's best to make these the night before a wedding and sealed in a bag or tupperware--stored in chilled refrigeration. You don't want the flowers to spoil. Spritz with water to hydrate.
If you were going to wear a floral crown, which would you prefer, something small scale and country or larger with dramatic beauty?
I'd go big. Let the flowers be seen from a distance. Plus you want the people sitting in the back of the church to see what's on your head.
The smaller style head wreaths are my favorite
Quite the tutorial. Pretty @daniachicago
Glad that you like it. I am in love with this idea. I'd do this for any reason. Not just for weddings