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I discovered Spread Love Events not long ago and wanted to share a beautiful vision of coral for Spring. It's an idea that captures the essence of beauty for a wedding using trending colors and beautiful visuals by Christie Graham Photography. Both are Vancouver establishments, but that shouldn't deter you from stocking up on some cool ideas shared here.
You can almost feel the refreshment of chilled strawberry lemonade on a warm and breezy Saturday afternoon. Served in Bohemian Czech high and low balls on a silver platter just oozes elegance worth repeating for your own wedding. What do you think of these gorgeous Vancouver ideas?
Coral is such a hot trending color. These pictures show how pretty it can be.
What car is that? I love the flowers decorating the back of it. Beats those tacky grease markers
Here Here! I'm with @nixonwoman. Also beautiful pictures
I'd love to see a recipe attached to this card for the lemonade. (hint hint)