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Do you have any idea what this disgusting bit of food is supposed to be? Meatloaf. That's right, it's meatloaf.
This meatloaf was served to inmates at Rikers Island Prison in New York, and some of them noticed it had some weird colored flecks in it. Among those that ate it, a few got nauseous and ill, and were apparently denied medical treatment. Some inmates saved their food and got it to their lawyer for testing. Lab tests said it was indeed dangerous.
So, what's in the meatloaf? One major thing that is decidedly not edible: rat poison.
I wish I was joking, but this just reminds me of how shitty our prison system is (seriously, why would there be rat poison in a kitchen?!) and how much reform is needed. Thank god most Presidential candidates (on both sides) for 2016 have justice reform as a top point of their campaigns. Because something has got to change.
Is there any doubt left that prisons and justice in America aren't just totally screwed at this point?
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@amog32 Yeah, if we get any more updates about it. Doubt it will stay in the mainstream news for long. @yakwithalan exactly what I thought.
Somebody ate that? They shouldn't have.
Very, very odd....just doesn't make sense, really. I'm interested to see where this goes.