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I've refrained from writing about the Baltimore protests (because frankly I don't know enough about the ins and outs of what is happening and why to really do it justice) but I wanted to share these strange pics and video.
For the first time ever, the Baltimore Orioles played the Chicago White Sox at Camden Yards....in a completely empty stadium. Because of the protests, no fans were allowed in.
Isn't it strange just how lackluster the game becomes without any fans there to cheer it on? No doubt that sports culture is largely based on fan culture, not just the skill of the players, though I'm sure some will disagree. Some reporters even wrote that its "not that strange" but I really disagree.
Spooky, spooky....
Ah, and for those wondering ,the Orioles beat the White Sox 8-2.
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Yeah @darcysdiary like @yakwithalan said it does happen of course but not for a reason like this before. @Spudsy2061 That's interesting. I never knew that could happen, really, but I guess I'm not surprised some rules exist for those kind of situations.
@darcysdiary from my understanding they might not fill the stadium but it isn't going to be totally empty.
Aren't most baseball stands empty in general? unless there's an epic teams showdown or the World Series, I sort of assumed (wrongly, perhaps) that fans dot the stadium rather than fill them.
@amog32 It is a bit of both. Sometimes it's the away fans or home, sometimes both.
Very strange. I imagine it'd be similar to when two D-list teams play each other if they don't have much of a following, though. Even then there would be some people, though. @Spudsy2061 In football cases when it has to do with fan behavior, are all fans banned or just a specific team?
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