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Boho Funk Vibe
Featured in Hello May, Aussie couple, Dave and Lexi tied the knot with probably the best boho funk wedding vibe you have ever imagined. Would you dare to leave out traditional wedding "stuff" in favor of doing your own personal thing? And by your own thing, I don't mean an "Etsy version" of someone else's event. I mean ALL YOUR OWN!
Photography: Lara Hotz
Flowers: Merci Bouquet
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Love the ice cream bit and the smurfs. This couple is enchanting as evidenced through their unique wedding.
2 years ago·Reply
This is the kind of wedding I'd love to attend. If every wedding had FUN VIBES like this, it'd be hard to dread a weekend wedding.
2 years ago·Reply
If I could get this atmosphere of love and fun like this for my sister's wedding, then all will be perfect.
2 years ago·Reply
i love the bold colors and zig-zag. this is a fun wedding
2 years ago·Reply