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...even if you think you hate it.
First off, let me just share that I believe you probably do not hate poetry, even if you think you do, because hating every single piece of poetry you read is impossible. There are dozens of genres and styles, and if there is not a single one among them that you do not enjoy, then I hate to tell that I believe you must not be human, or, you must not have any emotions. Trust me, there are many, many poems that I hate, but I still love poetry.
That being said, I believe you should read poetry for a number of other reasons.
First, to learn that you aren't going to love everything, but to find something you love, sifting through everything you don't love becomes worth it.
To put it another way: live isn't only full of happy, fun things. You have to go through everything, and then when you connect with a moment that resonates with your happiness or another emotion, you remember that moment and can cling to it, recalling it in hard times. Poetry is much the same, and you can also call on those poems in hard times to recreate a similar moment of love or another overwhelming emotion.
Without sifting through the hundreds of poems in a book, you won't find the soul grabbing poems that make you go, "Wow" and remember it forever.
Second, you should read poetry to rediscover the parts of yourself you have forgotten, and to understand the things that you have struggling with.
When you're incredibly busy and your mind is crowded with too many things to think about, and your only out seems to be indecision, why not read a poem? It may sound strange, but when you read poems, you find parallels to your own life (much like what happens when you watch a music, listen to a song, or read a novel). In these parallels, you can explore options without having to make a decision, and when it comes time to decide, you'll have the silent support of the poem's words always beside you.
Lastly, read poetry because it will help you become better able to express yourself, and more appreciative of those moments you never knew quite how to describe.
Have you ever wanted to tell a love how much you care for them without being so cheesy? Have you ever tried to right a postcard that accurately explains to your friend just how beautiful the ocean looks when the sun kisses its waves? You may find difficulties in expressing yourself at times, but through poetry, we begin to look at the world through many different lenses. Sometimes, that sun is just a bright light. Other times, it's the giver of color. And perhaps the giver of life and warmth. We can explore these new ways of seeing the world and describing it through poetry, and that is invaluable.
So give poetry another chance. You won't regret it. As a proud English teacher, a promise you that. And if you don't enjoy it, I give you permission to binge watch Game of Thrones for the next week.
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@Heartofgold35 This is true, I hadn't thought of that one! I suppose getting in touch with your emotions will help with that as well, and there is a lyrical element to both.
Alright, I'll read more! @greggr
If you're a song writer it can help you write better song lyrics.
Alright, if you say so! :P (But seriously,I agree strongly with the third reason. I've become a much more expressive person since reading more poetry!)