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Kpop Community Top Comments: 4/22-4/29
Okay guys, I wanted to start a new weekly card series that is all about the ridiculous things that happen here. I picked some of my favorite comments from the week (usually the ones with the most likes haha) and rounded them up here!
That way if we miss a fun conversation or want to chime in on something, we know where to go~ Plus we can give @PassTheSuga a gold star for making me laugh out loud at every comment HaHAHAHA
So here's week one!

1. EXO and Tao

We've all been discussing Tao's possible move from EXO, and I loved what @Uniangel18 said about the issue.
Join the discussion here
and check out @DancingPartyTme's vlog about it!

2. Bangtan Destroying Us

Because we feel you @PassTheSuga.
Check out BTS's MV Teaser that nearly killed the Kpop community
and now check out the actual MV!

3. #theYeolClan

Our Chanyeol community moderator @harmonico is starting a movement!
Check out the community here
and ask to join the clan on this card!

4. The UNIQ Feels

That time that @StephanieDuong almost died because of UNIQ.
Check out the MV here

5. Birthday Love

This entire card is full of good feels, I LOVE IT.
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