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Haven't had the chance to take a creative writing course? Don't worry about it! So many writers weren't formally trained. The key, though, is making sure that you actually write, and you actually try to like get better at writing!!
I've been lucky enough to be able to take a lot of writing classes, but I've found that without them I am not nearly as motivated to write anymore. So I thought I'd try to find some great writing prompts online. And I found the Virtual Writing Academy. This channel is too cool, and based on the comments on the video, lots of people found his prompts really inspiring, so I'm going to try, too!
I'll share some more of his videos in the future if I find any others that are especially inspiring.
For now, here's my response:
I...I am going to die.
This might be the first time in my life that I have thought those words and genuinely believed them to be true. How many times have I said, "Oh god, I'm gonna die," when you walked into the room? Before we knew each other, before I knew what to call you, I knew nothing by that I felt like I was going to die every time your eyes smiled at mine. But now, I'm going to die, and I'm only thinking of you.
I can't think of anything but you. How can I tell you not to feel sorry? We couldn't stay there, you know this, we couldn't stay there because if we had we would have died and so would many others. It's better that I die this way, alone. I'm only sorry that you aren't here.
Oh, Evan, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I don't believe we're going to see each other again, and I'm sorry that I don't believe in anything after this life, so we aren't going to be reunited.
Mostly, I'm sorry that when the Carmelita got hot just before exploding, I reached for my chair to hang onto instead of reaching for you. We could be floating here, waiting to die, together. Instead I still sit in my chair. Gripping it and floating and thinking only of you.
Are you thinking of me? I imagine you must be, but you're probably still thinking of everyone who hopes for our return with news about a new place to live, and how we will never come. You always were more selfless than me. You always had something bigger on your mind.
Even when I agreed to to this trip Evan, even then I wasn't thinking of anything but myself. The me who was too afraid to leave your side. The me who let the engines overheat because I was too busy being angry with you, too busy not understanding why you wanted to sacrifice yourself, too busy with anything but what I could have done to save us.
So now, I am floating here alone, and there's nothing I can do. I am going to die, and you are going to die, and we are going to die alone.
I am floating and...is that? Oh Evan. I can see you floating so far away...but I think it's already too late. I raise my arm slowly but I can't move it very far, can't move it for much longer. Evan, don't waste your breath trying to swim to me! Stop!
Stop I want to scream at you to stop but only my mind is screaming and I am sinking slowing into the dark corners of my mind as my eyelids get too heavy....Evan.....stop. Please stop!
If only I had grabbed onto you, and not the chair, it's not that comfortable, anyways...
Note: OK, I totally ended a tiny bit early because I got stuck and was honestly hating where this was going. Not my favorite piece of writing for sure, but definitely more high stakes that what I usually try to write. Anyways, yuck to my ending! But that's how we learn, right?

Try it for yourself :)

@timeturnerjones Yeah, I thought he was a great leader in writing prompts!
Loved your response!!! I'm not going to type mine up (I prefer to do them by hand) but I found it so easy to follow along with his prompts with this kind of limited length and time and everything. REally cool find