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I've been having random fits of fangirling all day....
But I really am tryna hold it down and keep it together....
I think I may die when I actually see it tho..... I mean it's rated 19+. What's in this MV? Papa YG has said it's not due to sexual content.....so why the rating? I must knowwwwwwww..... lol. I mean.....
But I digress....I'm just gonna lay here in quiet anticipation.....wait.....no I'm not. I'm prolly gonna look more like this.....
Yeah I'm a strange one....but honestly it's BIG BANG!!! When it comes to them......
But I'll try to.....
LOL it's too late for this....errybody knows I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo not cool as far as this comeback goes. It's so close VIPs..... 8 hours 14 minutes to go..... xx
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I understand @PassTheSuga !! I have had fangirling fits today too!! ^^
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These gifs XD they are so funny, how am I supposed to get anything done now :( this is seriously so exciting!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ ^^ \(^o^)/ \(^0^)/ \(^o^)/
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omfg it's rated 19+ wtf the fuck
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what'll be in this video oh god..
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