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Best 5-Minute Makeup Routine

I am all about makeup and putting my best face on. I've always said that no matter what is going on, I am not leaving the house without at least putting on some eye liner, lashes and lip gloss. When you've done it as frequently as me, you can knock that down to less than two minutes.
This universal makeup routine is good for all skin types. It's a routine that was created by Bobbi Brown cosmetics. This isn't an advertisement, just a cool routine that you can employ with your own makeup.
Step 1: Conceal
After applying eye cream, tap the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener ($31) anywhere your under-eyes are darker. "Start at the inner corner then blend out, because that is always where it's darkest," Soane said. "And if you lighten in there, then it makes you look more awake."Use your ring finger to delicately press and blend the product without pulling. A rough touch will only irritate the under-eye more, making you look puffier and swollen. You can also use the brightener to cover any pimples and dark spots.
Step 2: Even Tone
Using your fingers, apply tinted moisturizer ($44) to the entire face, starting at the center around the nose and blending outward toward the jaw and the hairline."Putting [foundation] on with your fingers gives the most sheer, natural application, and it will even out your skin without looking like you've got makeup on," Soane said.
Step 3: Add Color
You probably remember watching your grandma put lipstick on her cheeks and her lips. The Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge ($27) serves a similar purpose. Shown here in Rose, it does double duty to add color to the face. Smile and apply the product to the apples of the cheeks, then move back toward the ear. Next, dab a bit on your lips, too. "It's a no-mirror color. Put on your bottom lip, [smack], and go," Soane said. "You want to find that perfect nude that's one shade pinker than your lip."
Step 4: Brows
When shopping for a brow filler ($22), select the shade that looks like the color of your hair and blends with the hue of your brows.To apply, start by brushing up the hair from the head of the brow over the arch and along the tail. Then, take the tip of the wand and smooth over any hairs that are sticking up above the brow. "The tip is also great if you need to color in a specific spot," Soane said. "You can use soft, feathery strokes to draw little fake brow hairs."
Step 5: Mascara
No makeup look is complete without mascara, and Soane believes you can never layer on too many coats of Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara ($28). Place the wand at the root of lashes, then wiggle and zigzag your way up toward the tips.
Step 6: Lip Stick
Finally, add your favorite lip stick or lip gloss, and you're done! Conquer the world with confidence.
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