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These cuties all have the hiccups and none of them know what to do about it...which makes them sooo adorable!!
This is Buck. Buck hasn't had the hiccups before and really, really doesn't know what's going on. It's ok, Buck, I hate hiccups, too!!
I can't stop watching this video I think I've watched it like 30 or 40 times at this point....why doesn't Youtube have a better autoloop yet?!
I don't remember my dog ever having hiccups, though? It's really cute but I don't think she ever had them! Is it healthy for dogs? It seems like it's really, really scaring this puppy!
But it's still adorable, so I'll just go watch it 10 more times now...
awwww he's so precious! :)
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Omg so cute!
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