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After many people have originally coming from Colorado have been caught abroad attempting to reach ISIS territory, I'm becoming more and and more convinced that there is a major recruitment happening in certain areas, such as Colorado.
1. During 2014, 3 underage teens got caught trying to leave the US for ISIS from Denver when they landed in Germany. You can read more about them here.
2. When this news came out, others also began to suspect similar things. Two of the three teens caught in Germany were in contact with Rawdah Abdisalaam, who was recently outed as a major recruiter contact for Brits and Americans hoping to join ISIS. She was just discovered to be a journalism student in Seattle, and all of her friends were shocked to know that she may be a senior level ISIS recruiter. They believe she may be in Denver now.
This recruited was well known on Twitter before her account was suspended. There, she said that “The greatest thing that a man can do for a women is to bring her closer to Allah.” The girls who get into these situations are no different than any people who get swept into radical cults; they convince themselves that all they go through is for their own betterment, and that they are among the elite/enlightened for understanding the value of their experience.
I sincerely hope that we can remind women that they need not feel that they need to join these man to get closer to Allah, or whatever it is they are searching for. Particularly not to join ISIS.
Either way, there is definitely some series networks set up in the US that are allowing and helping people to leave to support ISIS, and I personally can't see how these can be stopped unless the ideology of ISIS is more directly addressed and challenged.
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Would it even be surprising to find out ISIS has operatives and stations in the US? I really don't think so.
I've heard a few things about various ISIS members either being here or there....its a bit scary really.