3 years ago50,000+ Views is an age recognition tool launched by Microsoft this week, and it's attempting to guess your age and gender through a simple analysis of any photo you upload.
Let's just say that the algorithm, clearly, isn't perfect yet.
People have already been putting in many famous faces and seeing the results....and overall it's not looking too pretty. It thought I was 51 (yikes...) but I'm in my twenties. Not cool Microsoft. Here's some famous faces to test the software for you. You can try it yourself at
Mashable decided to see how Disney did. Overall, not so great, but what's to be expected with Disney princesses frankly don't look like real humans? Rapunzel was listed as a child, but Mulan did trick the computer into thinking she is a boy.
They took on Game of Thrones characters as well. With a few exceptions, Microsoft did pretty well to get close to the actors' ages (match the characters' ages is another story, but I'll blame that one on casting and makeup).
And then, of course, there's the normal people like myself that didn't appreciate the extra years that Microsoft gave us.
I highly recommend you give a try. If you're like my dad, you'll be happy to find that the software thinks that you are younger than your children. By 20 years. Something about that just isn't right! Try it here.

Did Microsoft get your age right?

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