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The main problem with people having a bad opinion of Kesha is that people haven't realized that her persona is a total act. She's different and a little wild, but she's not the crazy party animal that her "Ke$ha" act makes her out to be.
She was raised by her mother who was also a songwriter and was moved around the country depending on where her mom got songwriting contracts. She was discovered in her teens and began writing songs professionally at the age of 18.
Initially she earned her living waiting tables, and changed her name to "Ke$ha" as a joke to make fun of her own financial struggles.
When she landed her own record deal, Kesha decided to create a deliberately unpolished and juvenile stage persona, which she described as her own personality, but ten times stronger. Because of this persona, her music generally revolves around parties and binge drinking, although some tracks have been noted as odes to individuality.
Philanthropically, though, Kesha has been involved with animal rights and LGBT activism. Kesha held a benefit concert on June 16, 2010 where all proceeds went to aid victims of the May 2010 Tennessee floods from her hometown Nashville. Kesha was also named rights group Humane Society of the United States's first global ambassador for animal rights. She also appeared alongside rock singer Iggy Pop in a campaign for PETA, protesting the clubbing of baby seals in Canada and later wrote on behalf of the organization to fast food chain McDonald's over the conditions of their slaughterhouses!
There are also people who look down on her for going to rehab, because that is usually linked to drugs or alcohol abuse, but in reality she has been dealing with an eating disorder since she entered the business.
Charlie XCX is so similar to Ke$ha, so why is she not getting the same poor treatment? They're both young, talented songwriters that know what makes a hit. What's so bad about that?
So really, why do you guys not like Kesha? I don't see anything hate-worthy.
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She's actually incredibly smart when it comes to marketing herself. I don't love the image she created but I do love that she's a great business woman!