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Britney's turn at Vegas has been pretty predictable: Intro-to-dance choreography. Talent show Lycra. Rave-in-a-van lighting. Lip syncing. Implausible injuries. Glazed over fans. Collage of hype. Vapid substance. Et cetera.
Britney seems to be quite the illusionist! Her ability to headline Vegas "LIVE" is astonishing. I have to ask, How was she able to convince anyone to pay money to watch a dull performance to a bubble-pop (pre-recorded) soundtrack?
Her intricate 'dance moves' are disguised as walking. Her arms seem to be moving in angles that appear to be more helpful to cyclists maneuvering the streets of San Francisco. There's an awkward moment, toward the end of the video, where she falls down and just sits there. Is that part of the show? Why is her mouth not moving? And what's that sound? Oh, it's her "live" vocals singing perfectly auto-tuned in typical pre-recorded fashion. And people paid how much for tickets?!
(It would help if she tried to move her mouth spraining her ankle.)
I'd totally see Britney too. I like the way she makes her baby voice.
Whatever, I would TOTALLY go see Britney in Vegas!
@darcysdiary I always thought it sounded like a baby goat. But like a trendy fashionable pop-singing baby goat.
I feel like most artists don't sing live for EVERY song, so I wouldn't say that this is a representation of the whole show! Anyways, she's Britney. Peopel will go see her anyways, right?
I sprained my ankle stepping out of an elevator. it hsppens. as far as her lip syncing, isn't that just a backup track heard? not really proof.