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Hay guys need some help

hey guys neeing some help on getting me and my gurl a new boards im wanting and good borad for dh and cruising and im a bigger guy im 5'11" and 278 lbs and im wanting to get her a borad for cruising she is 5'0" and 128 lbs so what im asking for is a good boards aroud 300 bucks and everything down to bushings and hardware plz help thx and sorry i have not been on much guys been workin alot
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for you omen barbarian, caliber 2s 44°,venom cannibals 72mm 78a,zealous bearings, 95a+ riptide wfb bushings, Amish washers ... for her arbor axis bamboo or omen barbarian, Paris 50°,72mm 78a venom cannibals,zealous bearings, 90a APS riptide bushing pack/93a riptide wfb bushing pack
for you you should check out the pantheon nexus, bustin sportster or ibach(they have multiple models of these boards so check them all out), or maybe the earthwing 3D supermodel drop-through. And for your girlfriend you should look at any pintails or maybe an arbor axis since she will just be cruising. What you should also do is just go on daddies board shop's website and/or muirskates website and just look at boards until something catches your eye. All the boards i just told you about i just found on muirskate. good luck!
thx all im going to look in to some of these and ill let u know what i come up with and if any one else has any suggestions feel free to let me know and ill take a look anyway cuz for now ill lookin at them for now
pantheon for sure!
anyone eles got any ideas
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