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I guess things are looking up for Hilary Duff. The not-quite-yet-divorced mom of one, started her journey back into entertainment in 2014 with a television show, a few other projects and recently released, "Sparks", a single from her fifth studio album. Now that those pieces are falling into place...what about her relationship status?


Reports have surfaced, and Duff's not disputing, that she created a Tinder account to...well, you know...to meet random guys and do all that other ubiquitous blind-date stuff. According to the "Stranger" Youtube sensation, Duff says, "What's the worst that could happen?" She must be a semi-pro because with dizzy excitement she also mentioned how "the whole process is wildly addicting."
And she's met how many men so far? Crickets. Is she for real? Is this just a media stunt? If Martha Stewart can announce her Match.com profile, I suppose Hilary can continue
"talking to nine guys right now." There was a "probably" positioned before the word "talking" in that last quote (that I left off), so you can imagine that "probably" actually means definitely. You'll also have to at least double the number from nine to 18.
Thank you for reading the card. You can now get on Tinder and try to find her profile. Let me know if you find it.
The video stopped working. :(
She already went on a date!
lol to how the picture says "single white female" I just cracked up
Sorry about that @daniachicago. Youtube is the worst. It randomly shuts videos down like this. ugh!
I always wondered what happened to her. sounds like a publicity stunt to me.