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How could the masses, and I include myself in the mix, be so clueless about Kris Jenner's silence over Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer?
The closet-Luceferian has not only been silent, she's been outed (again) as lying to everyone. When will we learn? She accused the media of plotting to shut her out, while Bruce's two ex-wives were giving interviews about his transgender journey.
I took the liberty of whiting out Jenner's expletive before "you." When I began reading other commentary as to why she has been mute on the issue, The Superficial broke it down piece by piece the REAL REASON behind her self-imposed gag order.
In hard-to-believe-I-didn't-catch-that order, the real life Gypsy mom, who's perfected the art of mining dirt for gold, is keeping everything sealed--waiting for the right time (or highest bidder) to share her side of the story. This isn't about Bruce. Never has been. With her speed-dial connection to Lightning "fallen from heaven," I wouldn't be surprised at this point if she doctored the transgender scheme to reboot the Kardashian brand. What do you think?
That picture has me dying in the best way.
haha. Good @beywatch. I was hoping to smooth it out a bit and photoshop it nicely. Then I thought, WHY? This is Kris Jenner! She's fine just like this.
hahaha. I know!
Scary picture!!!